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Live Arrival Guarantee

  • 100% live arrival guaranteed.

  • Will be replaced with same item or credit towards replacement.

  • Must contact customer service within two hours of delivery, if shipped to a hub, package must be picked up same day and contact must be made within 2 hours. Failure to report within 2 hours will void live arrival guarantee.

  • Must show proof of deceased animal.

  • We cover DOA's in the event of a carrier delay!

  • What we do not cover: *Hair kicking- This is a normal occurrence during shipping and will not harm the health of your tarantula in any way.  *Broken/Dropped leg- This does happen occasionally and normally will not cause any harm to the health of your tarantulas, in these instances your LAG will be extended while your tarantula heals. 



  • All shipments of live animals are via FedEx overnight, there are no exceptions.

  • Shipping is flat rate of $45 for inverts ($30 for Wisconsin residents) orders over $1000 qualify for free shipping.

  • If daytime temperatures are over 80f or below 40f package must be held at local FedEx Hub for pickup. Shipping address must be the Hub address. If you need help identifying your local hub please contact us.

  • Any shipment not addressed to the hub outside of acceptable temperatures will be void of any live arrival guarantee.

  • FedEx Print and Ship Centers do not qualify as a Hub, live shipments to them are in violation of their TOS


Other Policies

  • $50 minimum order

  • Freebies included at our discretion, are not included with orders using a promo code


  • Any cancellation of orders will have a 25% fee excluding shipping cost for potential missed sales

  • We are not responsible for injuries sustained to consumer by animals

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