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SELADONIA CARE: Please do not rely on internet searchs for T seladonia care, we have been raising and breeding seladonia since they first came to the US.


Small vial with highly ventilated cap. 1" of substrate (we use jungle mix) ground moss and an upright piece of cork. We give them a very light mist twice a week and feed prekilled small crickets once a week. You can use fruitflies but we do prefer small crickets as they offer an adequate amount of hydration for the slings. We DO NOT keep their substrate moist even a little bit. If you need more information please shoot us a message in the chat box and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Typhochlaena seladonia (Brazilian jewel) READ ENTIRE LISTING BEFORE PURCHASE

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  • These babies are being offered at a super special price by @pokesandbolts on IG! Give them a follow to say thank you!! Shipped by FangHub!

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